Experienced knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder and importers. We can offer you top quality imported German Shepherds direct from Germany

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German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average starting price of the trained adult dogs or imported adult dogs for sale?
Most older dogs we offer for sale are imports directly from Germany with training titles. The dogs with training will typically start at $3000-$7000.

What amount is the deposit that you require to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave the litter?
We require a $500 deposit to hold a place for a litter. Pick of puppies is determined by who sends in deposits first and what type of home the puppies are going to (working or pet).

What is the procedure to purchase a puppy from your kennel?
Look at the Puppy Purchase Process web page as that goes in to detail of the process.

What is the average price for one of your puppies?
Our puppies start at $1500.00. This price varies depending on which female and male were used and if the puppies were breed in Germany or in the United States.

What happens to our deposit if we change our mind about buying a dog?
Deposits are non-refundable.  If you decide not to get a puppy or adult you will lose your deposit.  However, deposits can be moved to the purchase of a different litter or adult dog.

Can we apply our deposit to another dog or pup at a later date?
Yes, we undersetand circumstances can change and we never want to force a person to get a dog at a specific time.

Is it difficult for a trained adult dog to bond to a new family?
It typically takes an adult dog 1-3 months to bond to the new family, sometimes more time.  At first the dog will feel and act as if it was a guest in your house.  It usually will not bark much or act that protective.  Once the dog feels you are its handler/owner and that you are a member of its pack things will change. The dog will become protective, start barking more, and become more obedient.

What is the typical airline fees for delivery of puppies and adults?
Typically flying a puppy is $250.00 and an adult dog $400.00 which includes the crate.  Visit our Shipping Information page for more information about the shipping process.

What happens to our deposit if there is not enough puppies born in the litter and we are unable to receive a puppy?
We accept three deposits each for males and females but exactly how many will be born is out of our control. The deposit is transferrable to another litter of your choice. Deposits are always non-refundable.

How soon after we pay for the dog can we expect delivery?
We can usually arrange for delivery to your destination within a day or two for adult dogs as we have to book the flight with the airlines and sometimes dogs can not be shipped to do temperature.  Puppies are not shipped until a minimum of 8 weeks of age.

If we put down a deposit how long will you hold the dog?
We can keep the dog here for ten days free of charge after the date of purchase. The dog must be paid for in full by the end of 10 days or the dog will become available for sale. There is a $20 boarding fee per night starting on the eleventh day. If the buyer refuses to take delivery thirty days after purchase the dog will be offered for sale and the buyer will be subject to the re-stock fee.

Are the trained adult dogs sent the same way as the puppies?
Yes, they are shipped to the new owners by air cargo.

Why would a dog perform for a brand new owner?
Dogs are pack animals. When they are removed from their human pack they will look for a new one to belong to. When the dog transfers his loyalty to the new owners his trained behavior will also transfer.

Do allow people to visit facility?
Yes, we encourage people to visit the facility.  Our facility is available for people to come based on appointment, so be sure to call ahead

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