Experienced knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder and importers. We can offer you top quality imported German Shepherds direct from Germany

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German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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Our Facilities

Location of GerdesHaus Kennels.  730 Overland Drive, McKinney, TX  75069

Our kennel complex has been designed to accommodate structured, relaxed, and positive breeding. We are situated a few miles from the city of McKinney, Texas near Princeton, TX. Email us for exact directions (40 miles north of Dallas, Texas). Give us a call if you need additional directions.

We breed for quality not quantity. If a breeder has more then 8-10 litters a year, how can they possibly work with all the puppies. We believe we should spent time with the puppies and socialize them. We try to learn their temperments so we can place them in the appropriate type homes. Our shepherds may cost more, but you are getting a quality dog. Other breeders can charge less because they are concerned with volume of puppies.

We are located:
40 miles from Dallas, Texas 237 miles from Austin, Texas
279 miles from Houston, Texas
168 miles from Shreveport, Louisiana
554 miles from New Orleans, Louisiana.
The entrance to our Breeding Facility

Our whelping room have title which reduced bacterial or viral growth can occur to harm the pups growing up within the facility. This ensures that the puppy you receive from us is in perfect condition, both physically and mentally. The rooms are mounted with color cameras to ensure constant monitoring of mother and her litter. Each room is private so that the mothers can feel comfortable and secure. The brood bitches that are in our foster program live with their families and come to the kennels to whelp and raise their pups. We primarily follow this system to ensure that all our pups follow a systematic and thorough imprinting & socialization program.

The entrance to our Breeding Facility

Our training area

We have outdoor puppy pens that protect the puppies from being on the ground directly where the virus Parvo can live. This allows the puppies to go outside safely. The pens also have a 'house' and outside area so they puppies can learn to go to the bathroom outside their house.

Inside our Breeding Facility

Our structured and strategic stimulation gives them the best chance of achieving their genetic potential. Our pups also enjoy the very best of formulized diets and we have a Veterinarian on call 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week.

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GerdesHaus German Shepherds  ·  (469)248-7473
German Shepherd Breeder  ·
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40 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW Area)

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