Experienced knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder and importers. We can offer you top quality imported German Shepherds direct from Germany

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German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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AKC -German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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Training Philosphy

Our emphasis is on teaching you the leadership skills that allow you to set your dog up for success. When you learn and understand the key strategies that ensure your dog's successful learning and reliable behaviors, you and your dog are equipped to achieve progressively more advanced lifetime learning and performance. Even though our methods are tweaked for working with German Shepherds, we can train any breed of dog.

Ou training emphasizes teaching you how to apply positive behavioral shaping to teach your dog how to learn. This creates the enthusiastic, energetic and willing dog that wants to continue learning.

We then apply the specific training strategies that are best-suited for you and your dog. We teach you how to incrementally introduce duration, distance, and distraction while developing your advanced handling skills and your dog's behavioral skills at home and when out and about in public or in formal competition.

If your dog has good manners, he or she can earn a Canine Good Citizen award from the AKC. All mixed-breed and pure-breed dogs are all welcome.
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Every dog should receive some type of obedience training. Obedience training allows for us to better communicate with our companions as well as strengthen our bond. We use a balanced approach to training, focusing on positive rewards and results. Whether you are just getting started with a new puppy, or preparing for a future in Schutzhund or AKC obedience, we have a training program for you. For pets, we customize a practical curriculum that meets your needs and fits your daily lifestyle. This training is open to all breeds.
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Whether you are looking to have your puppy or dog go into Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, or just for fun, teaching your dog to track can be an exciting option. We can provide tracking training for your puppy or dog. This training is open to all breeds.
Pricing done on custom quote basis.
Combine the skills of tracking, obedience, and protection and your dog is ready to compete in this exciting sport. Quickly gaining popularity in the United States, this European sport had been around for over one hundred years! This sport truly emphasizes the canine athlete and helps breeders preserve the working temperament of many service breeds. Many dogs that compete in Schutzhund go on the serve as police, narcotic, bomb, and search and rescue dogs. We offer a Schutzhund jump start program for puppies. We will begin the imprinting process for your puppy for a future in Schutzhund. We will work with them with socialization, the beginning process of learning to fuss, sit, down, stay, retrive, etc. This training is specialized for German Shepherds.
Pricing done on custom quote basis.
Be sure to visit our training site at Dog Training Solutions for North Texas

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