Experienced knowledgeable German Shepherd breeder and importers. We can offer you top quality imported German Shepherds direct from Germany

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German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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Litter Z - Week 4

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Litter X - Week 8

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Litter X - Week 5

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Litter X - Week 3

Maxi / Fox
Litter X - Week 2

SV Registration Germany

AKC -German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

USA SV - German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

German Commands

German English
Fuss [fooss] Heel
Setz Sit
Bleib Stay
Platz Down
Hier Come
Steh [shtay] Stand
Bring [brrring] Retrieve/Fetch
Hop Jump
Voraus Go out
Such [suuk] Track
Pass auf Guard
Packen, stell Bite
Aus [ows] Out/Let go
Gib laut [geblout] Speak/Bark
Rauschgift Narcotics
such Rauschgift Find narcotics
Voran or Revier Building/Blind Search
Zwinger Kennel

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