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German Shepherd Breeders in Texas

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Obedience Training Options

What is Board and Train & Why should I consider it?

There are three phases to training your dog: The teaching phase, the correction phase, and the proofing phase. The teaching phase is where we teach the dog the association between a command and a physical action on the dog's part (for example, to sit). The correction phase is where we teach the dog that the obedience commands are not optional, and he must do them the first time we give a command. The proofing phase is where we expose the dog to all manner of new environments, and distractions.

The most difficult phases are the first two phases. First of all, you must be consistent, and provide countless opportunities for repetition (practice, practice, practice) to enable the dog to make a strong and permanent association between the commands and the actions on each of the commands taught. In this phase we must be sensitive to the dog's temperament and personality, and be both psychologist and motivator, helping the dog to understand. Problem solving skills are crucial on the part of the trainer, and having the time available to devote is also critical. In the correction phase we must teach the dog corrections, how to respond to them and the same principles of time, patience and consistency are necessary.

Board and Train, also called in-kennel training, means your dog stays with us and the professionals take your dog through the first two phases of training. YOUR JOB is then to maintain the training. We include a free follow-up lesson in which we show you how to handle your dog, properly reinforce his behavior, and what to do when he makes mistakes.  Any time you have a question or a problem, whether it is related to our training or not, you may send us emails and we'll help you out the best we can. In short, you get all the support you need.

The most frequently asked question is: If you guys do the training, will my dog only listen to you? The answer is a resounding NO! Think about this: Who trains guide dogs for the handicapped? Professionals do, then the recipients are shown how to work with the dogs once they are trained. Who trains the majority of Police K-9's? Professionals do and then the officer is shown how to work with the dog and maintain his training. Our Board and Train program simply does the same thing for the pet owner.

Jumpstart Board and Train (3 weeks) $900 (plus sales tax)

·         Sit

·         Down

·         Stay

·         Heel(walk at your side without pulling)

·         Come

·         Greet people without jumping up

    Download the Jumpstart Board and Train contract here.


   Advanced Board and Train (3 weeks) $800 (plus sales tax) prerequisite: Jumpstart B&T

·         All of the above, but we also include OFF-LEAD training

·         Introduction to Tracking (Optional)

·         Long sit and down stay

·         "Place" command so you are able to send your dog to his “place” a mat or a bed, on command

·         AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Award

    Download the Advanced Board and Train contract here.

You are paying for them to be trained, handled, brushed, walked, and fed during their stay.

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