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GerdesHaus German Shepherds are bred for health and excellent temperament. We are a small kennel breeding for family members. Our puppies are home raised. Our shepard pups are socialized with kids, dogs, cats. Each puppy is
temperament tested.Search and Rescue (SAR) is a job that is a prime example of the versatility of the German Shepherd Dog. Although many different breeds (including mixed breeds) can do very well at SAR one of the top breeds selected for this job is the German Shepherd Dog. The GSD has the versatility to do ANY and all of the jobs that are included in SAR. We will begin with a brief description of the various jobs that are included within SAR.
TRACKING:  Tracking is commonly defined as following the exact path a person took by following each and every footstep that person took. They keep their nose close to the ground and the best dogs you can actually watch them smelling DEEP into each footstep. They can be trained to track in Wilderness and Urban areas. Yes, even the concrete of the city can hold enough scent for a good tracking dog. A tracking dog would generally need a little help to start as they would need a reliable Point Last Seen (PLS) and/or a scent article. In SAR a true Tracking dog is not as common as the quicker Trailing or Air Scenting dogs. They are excellent to establish a direction of travel and also to find any clues as most tracking dogs are also trained to indicate on items like gloves, keys, a pen or even a cigarette butt. Tracking is the only element of SAR that the dog can earn a 'recognized' title as most all breed registries have tracking certifications.

A dog trained in Trailing works similarly to the Tracking dog. Both types follow a trail from a PLS and often use a scent article of a specific subject. However, instead of working with their nose deep into each footprints the Trailing dog will work with their nose close to the ground and they do not follow the 'exact path' the subject took. Depending on the weather conditions a trailing dog may end up 10 or even 15 feet from the track as they are following the scent that can be tossed by the wind. Trailing dogs tend to work faster than dogs trained for the more detail oriented Tracking dog. Trailing dogs will often lift their head to check the air currents for specific scents. As the Trailing Dog enters the 'scent cone" or gets closer to the subject they are looking for they will often Air Scent directly into the subject instead of continuing on the path the subject took. Like the Tracking Dog a Trailing dog can also be utilized in both Wilderness and Urban settings (if trained to work through the different distractions). 
  GerdesHaus German Shepherds are bred for health and excellent temperament. We are a small kennel breeding for family members. Our puppies are home raised. Our shepard pups are socialized with kids, dogs, cats. Each puppy is
temperament tested.
AIR SCENTING:  Air Scenting dogs are commonly used in a situation where there is a high probability the subject is located and there is not necessarily a reliable PLS. Or if there is a larger area to work and there are tracking/trailing dogs working from a PLS and the Air Scent dog is being used in collaboration with the other types of SAR dogs. Air Scent dogs will work into the wind, with their heads held high constantly working the air current and will usually work by Zig Zagging across an area. When they pick up the scent of ANY human the handler will notice that the distance between the Zig and the Zag are getting smaller as the dog works closer to the subject the dog will narrow the trail down to the point were the subject is located. These dogs are typically worked off lead. Once they locate the subject there are two varieties of indication. Some dogs will stay with the subject and give a bark alert until the handler comes into the dog. Others will do what is called a 'refind'. Once they find the subject they will return to their handler and then 'refind' the subject.
CADAVER:  Cadaver dogs are perhaps the least known SAR dogs. They are trained to find human remains. Some are trained to locate on land, some for the water and some can do both. It is amazing how different these two seemingly similar jobs actually are. Cadaver dogs perhaps have the toughest of all the SAR dogs as the emotional toll it can take on both dog and handler. SAR dogs form an especially close bond to their human partner and the human partner can give off certain cues to the dog about the stress of their job. These dogs have a very special job of bringing closure to a distraught family who has lost a loved one. Cadaver dogs give the family a chance to mourn the loss of their loved one instead of always wondering "what if...".  

Disaster recovery dogs could be any combination of the afore mentioned 'types' of SAR dog. They are specially trained to work such natural disasters like earth quakes, tornadoes, mudslides, etc.; as well as man made disasters like the bombing in Oklahoma City, the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They can also work such duties as Airplane or train crashes. These dogs must learn absolute trust of their handlers as well and walking carefully over debris or wood, glass, metal and other sharp, uneven, slippery surfaces. Some of the dogs are trained to find live human scent others deceased and some are trained for both rescue and recovery. 

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